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INCF Neuroinformatics 2018, Montreal

  • This meeting was organised 8th of August during the Brainhack hackathon organised the day before the INCF Neuroinformatics 2018 conference. It was the first one for the INCF Neuroshapes Special Interest Group.

  • The goal was mainly to present Neuroshapes motivation to the Neuroscience community at INCF NI2018 but also to connect with other data sharing and open science initiatives like NIDM to see if they can adopt Neuroshapes’ approach in term of data modelling. Participants showed interest in using the W3C SHACL specification, as a way to complement existing data models with data validation capability. They showed interest in the ability to describe what are the expected properties of a dataset by mean of schemas using json-ld (semantic markups) and W3C SHACL.