Neuroshapes schemas are tested using a shacl workbench which is a SBT plugin that helps in the development of SHACL schemas in JSON-LD format. Please follow these steps to run the tests and download the schemas:

  • Install sbt
  • Clone the INCF/neuroshapes repository and run the tests
# Go to home
cd  ~

# Clone the repository
git clone

cd neuroshapes

# Run 'sbt'

# Run 'test'

# Export all the locally defined schemas to the dir /tmp/my-schemas using <http://localhost:8080/v0> as base uri 
exportSchemas http://localhost:8080/v0 /tmp/my-schemas

# Schemas can be defined in modules that are imported by local modules. The collectResources command can be run to collect all schemas and contexts defined in this project classpath

## Collect schemas
collectResources http://localhost:8080/v1 /tmp/my-schemas schemas

## Collect everything defined
collectResources http://localhost:8080/v1 /tmp/my-schemas all