This page would be collecting various useful resources related to QC and QA of neuroimaging data and anything else related to the mission of niQC.

Table of Contents

  1. Education
  2. Datasets
  3. Literature
  4. Commercial solutions


Various educational courses, tutorials and workshop content will be collected here.


Various datasets related to niQC research will be linked here, such as ratings of public datasets, phantom images and examples for various artefacts in different modalities. These datasets would be useful for various applications, including but not limited to

  • developing automatic detection techniques of artefacts and "bad scans"
  • developing image quality metrics and improving them based on public QC ratings
  • developing phantom QA protocols and harmonization across different scanners

Click here to access info related to datasets.


Various research publications relevant to the niQC efforts are collected at this Zotero library. Please add any other papers that you think should belong there.

Commercial Solutions

Different commercial solutions we are aware of that can assist in the goals of niQC in one way or another are gathered here.