Various educational related to niQC will be posted here, or linked to the original sources.

webinar series

We are very excited to announce the Quality Conversations webinar series that will host a number of seminars, educational lectures, and debates on topics central to the goals of this special interest group i.e. QA, QC, open science, and the related. Learn more

  • all events will happen on this zoom room (unless otherwise noted)
  • all of them will be video recorded, and posted in this playlist
  • all are welcome to suggest topics or speakers, including nominating themselves or their colleagues, via this form
  • all events will be posted on this niQC google calendar - subscribe to it.

See you all there! Bring your strongest opinions and opponents.


OHBM 2019 Educational Course in Rome organized by Pradeep Reddy Raamana, Jo Etzel and Ben A. Inglis

More info available at crossinvalidation.com