Getting Involved

There are several different ways you can contribute to the 9ML community.

Contribute to the mailing list

Want to use NineML but do not know how to do it? Need more information about the use of the APIs, have questions regarding 9ML, join the 9ML mailing list and ask a question.

Don’t be shy, there are no stupid questions! Each query on the mailing list improves the understanding of 9ML in the community and may highlight areas for further development.

Raise an issue

Find a problem with the specification or want to suggest an enhancement? Please file an issue in the 9ML issue tracker. But before you do please search through the existing issues to see whether a similar issue has already been raised, and if so, add your comment there instead.

Write a component class

If you write a new abstraction layer component class that you think will be of wider interest please create a pull request to add your component classes to the catalog.

Add 9ML support

What is a language specification without software implementations?

If you add 9ML support to your simulator/tool please add a short description of it and the nature of its 9ML support to our software gallery to spread the word. See instructions on how to open a pull-request to add your tool.

Write an extension

An extensions framework is planned for 9ML v2.0, which will allow the definition of richer syntax for abstraction layer components, such as multi-component/compartmental neuron models and molecular kinetics.

Stay tuned for developments on this front…

Join the committee

The 9ML Standards Committee accepts applications, however, numbers on the committee are limited and each application needs to be approved by at least 2/3 of the committee (see by-laws). Please send any inquiries to the committee chair Erik De Schutter (