INCF 2022 niQC session


Join us for INCF session on niQC

The INCF Assembly is a unique venue where neuroscience standards developers, infrastructure providers, and software developers have the opportunity to interact with the research community to share the latest advancements in neuroinformatics. INCF Assembly 2022 will be hosted on the Gather platform.

Tue Sep 13 19:00-20:30 CET (see full program) we will host Parallel Session 3: Neuroimaging Quality control - focus on informatics aspects of the niQC methods, tools, and standards.

The Neuroimaging Quality Control (niQC) working group (WG) proposes a symposium focused on the informatics aspects of the niQC methods, tools, and standards. Informatics has been and remains a crucial part of assisting the neuroscience community to improve the quality of their data. Virtually all stages of the data acquisition and processing in neuroimaging involve some sort of quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC), that needs an informatics solution to deal with the complexity, heterogeneity, and scale of the neuroimaging datasets. While the community has already developed a number of tools, which are listed and categorized on the WG website (https://incf.github.io/niQC/tools), there are many unaddressed gaps in terms of interoperability and harmonization of the results across QA and processing ecosystems, where a number of decisions to be made based on the quality of the data at different stages of processing. Lack of standardization and cross-pollination of QA/QC “know-how” between ecosystems can lead to reduced reproducibility. We plan to invite various tool developers and methods researchers to discuss these gaps, and try to achieve or improve interoperability among different processing ecosystems. The focus would initially be on the anatomical (T1w) and functional MRI (EPI) data, at the stages of initial QA and QC on raw-data as well as QC on the derived measures.

Overall plan is:

  • Overview / tutorial talks from the relevant ecosystems and tools with a clear template
  • Open panel discussion

See you all there! Bring your friends.